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From Steht im Schilf <stehtimsch...@hotmail.com>
Subject How do I really apply the AL 2.0 to my commercial work?
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 09:15:34 GMT

Hi legal discuss
this is my first time I'm posting to a mail list (I didnt even found a way to search the mailing
list). So please appologize for running into some lapse. If I do, please let me know, so I
can avoid them for the next time.
It's also my company's first time to implement GPL or similiar licensed software.
Therefore my question: how do I really apply the AL 2.0 to our commercial product?
Our product is not free, you are not allowed to distribute it, to freely download it and so
We like to use the PDFBox Project. But I fear IMHO that adding AL 2.0 to our software will
allow to anybody to distribute, copy, modifiy, etc..... which is of course not in our interest.
I tought of the following scenario to include the PDFBox Jar in our product:
add a "\ext" folder in the installation folder, put .jar, license.txt, notice.txt in that
folder. Done.
During the install wizard is a licence dialog (with our license, disclaimer, ...). Do I have
to modifiy our license text there? E.g. "This product contains PDFBox libraries of the ASF.
see \ext\license.txt" ???
What are exactly the steps we have to do, to include a libriary (PDFBox) which is licensed
under AL 2.0?
cheerioh & many thx
Sven Gschwend 		 	   		  
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