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From Kore Nordmann <m...@kore-nordmann.de>
Subject Project moving to ASF, IP issues
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2010 10:40:36 GMT
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We would like to move an active open source project to the Apache
Software Foundation, because of internal changes in the company which
yet hosted the project. I do not want to name that project yet, to not
cause false expectations in our community, and would like to clarify on
some legal issues first.

I hope this mailing list is the correct place to ask, otherwise feel
free to point me to the correct list / person.

The project has been developed under the hood of a company, mostly by
developers hired by that company. The project yet was licensed under the
New BSD license (3 clause) [1], and also had external contributors. The
external contributors had to sign a CLA before the were allowed to
contribute to the project. The used CLA was based on the ASFs CLA, and I
attached an anonymized version of it to the mail.

Now, my questions:

1) Who, besides the current active contributors to the project, would
   need to sign the ASF CLA to make the project an Apache project?

1.1) Do all current and recent employees of the company need to sign
     it, who contribute or contributed to the software?

1.2) Do all external contributors, who signed the old CLA also need to
     sign the new CLA, no matter if they want to continue contributing?

2) The company itself would be happy to relicense the source code under
   the Apache license and grant the ASF all rights they need. Are all
   the external contributors required to explicitly consent this step?

3) Are there any other major legal issues doing this step?

Looking forward to your answers,
Kind regards,


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