The Apache Openmeetings PMC is proud to announce Apache Openmeetings 2.1.0!

This is our first release as Top Level Project!

Please download and build the distribution yourself, or use our
convenience binary package

 * Source:
 * Binary:

Release Notes 2.1.0

_Integration with Asterisk_
SIP/VOIP integration with Asterisk was refactored. 
Confbridge application is now used instead of Meetme for the conferences.
Sound quality and SIP transport stability was significamtly improved.
Basic support for video is added (is unstable and in beta version stage now).

_Improving the sound and video quality_
All the audio/video related components now use SWF11 for broadcasting and 
receiving audio and video signals. 
Echo cancellation can be enabled in the config. 
H264 video codec is now used instead of H263 to enable SIP video support.

_Private and moderated chat_
Ability to send private chat messages in the room is added as well as the chat 
moderation funmctionality.

_SMS sending module_
Possibility to send SMS message as a meeting reminder is added.

_Network testing tool/script_
Network testing tool is implemented and its link is added to the login page.

_Improvements in the mail sending process_
Now e-mails are re-send again in case of unsuccessfull result at the first 
attempt or OpenMeetings re-start before the sending. 
SMTP setting updates now takes effect just after they saving whereas previously 
they started to work after the OpenMeetings re-start only.

Messages about the meeting updates are sent only when substantial changes were made. 
Multiple external attendees can be added as one operation, it's now possible to 
specify user name for external guests (user will appear with this name in the user 
list in the room). 

_Room Interface_
Possibility to get invitation link without sending an e-mail was added. 
Confirmation dialog for exclusive audio no longer appears.
Hot key is added to be able to "rearrange" video windows in the room. 
Volume slider on the video pod toolbar was added.

_Recordings and screen sharing improvements_
Some improvements for the screen sharing and recordings quality and stability 
were made.

_Cluster capabilities_
In the beta stage: OpenMeetings  can be configured in the cluster environment and 
is ready for the testing, but development has not been fnished yet. 

_Admin/Calendar HTML5 UI_
Additional HTML5 Wicket based UI (fully customizable with CSS) is added for 
static screens as a proof of the concept.

** Sub-task
    * [OPENMEETINGS-448] - Test and fix latest trunk to be able to import all old download zip's

** Bug
    * [OPENMEETINGS-34] - missing entries in XML language files
    * [OPENMEETINGS-49] - Synchronisation between Calendar and Dashboard
    * [OPENMEETINGS-92] - The documents are not deleted from the server after removing them from the system
    * [OPENMEETINGS-94] - References to the need to be updated
    * [OPENMEETINGS-157] - Registration bug
    * [OPENMEETINGS-166] - Meeting is created with incorrect start time in the calendar.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-180] - bug sending invitation
    * [OPENMEETINGS-196] - Calendar Ical / Simple Mail - double invitation mail
    * [OPENMEETINGS-212] - Activities and actions: "Deny and remove message " button is not worked
    * [OPENMEETINGS-243] - "Updated" field in Administration -> LDAP panel contains "null" for string for empty value.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-251] - Minors layout problems when translating
    * [OPENMEETINGS-267] - missing translation
    * [OPENMEETINGS-291] - light does not indicate when the user is speaking
    * [OPENMEETINGS-310] - Moodle plugin version
    * [OPENMEETINGS-311] - Language problem after Openmeetings update (accessing from Moodle only)
    * [OPENMEETINGS-312] - File was null or did not exist: TEST_SETUP_1338945244240.flv
    * [OPENMEETINGS-314] - Webcam Title of user is username of default OM user
    * [OPENMEETINGS-316] - ICS attachments for emails not working with Exchange 2003/2007 and Outlook 2003/2007
    * [OPENMEETINGS-320] - Exception and layout for screensharing/recording client
    * [OPENMEETINGS-322] - Several Exception in Log
    * [OPENMEETINGS-327] - Add Restart Save Mail-Queue
    * [OPENMEETINGS-328] - screen sharing is not closing automatically
    * [OPENMEETINGS-331] - tooltip for cmd_applyforWhiteBoard room action is not set
    * [OPENMEETINGS-343] - OM crashes if Inviteв guest with screen sharing rights tries to start screen sharing
    * [OPENMEETINGS-346] - Screen Sharing does not end with end of meeting
    * [OPENMEETINGS-362] - Download of profile images broken
    * [OPENMEETINGS-363] - Some minor bugs in private chat
    * [OPENMEETINGS-364] - User is not removed from user list when he leaves the room
    * [OPENMEETINGS-366] - File upload does not show images as options when doing file upload
    * [OPENMEETINGS-376] - “Notification type” text overflows the drop down data selection area and is partly covered
    * [OPENMEETINGS-378] - Update Calendar email notification rules to send notification only when data relevant to the users has been changed
    * [OPENMEETINGS-379] - The Calendar ics format email notification is incorrectly formed
    * [OPENMEETINGS-380] - Calendar "Add attendee" option has a second option of itself to "Add external" but adding an external attendee does not close this dialog
    * [OPENMEETINGS-381] - ivy jar in our repository
    * [OPENMEETINGS-382] - LICENSE file mentions both CDDL and GPL
    * [OPENMEETINGS-385] - contextmenu  contextmenuitem
    * [OPENMEETINGS-389] - Create Drupal plugin for OpenMeetings
    * [OPENMEETINGS-391] - Private and public folder does not appear
    * [OPENMEETINGS-392] - privateChatTabBottom
    * [OPENMEETINGS-393] - NumberFormatException while creating user or room
    * [OPENMEETINGS-394] - save and load whiteboard does not work
    * [OPENMEETINGS-396] - ICS attachments not recognised in Outlook 2003
    * [OPENMEETINGS-402] - I cannot open Interview recorded
    * [OPENMEETINGS-403] - Missing rooms
    * [OPENMEETINGS-408] - Interview Room (1)
    * [OPENMEETINGS-415] - NetStream NetStatus event does not work when attached to client object
    * [OPENMEETINGS-418] - ScreenShare russian charset
    * [OPENMEETINGS-420] - small problems in the current version
    * [OPENMEETINGS-422] - Java error: TEST_SETUP_xxx.flv does not exist; javax error : ClientBroadCast Stream; published name=null
    * [OPENMEETINGS-423] - Installation OM2.0
    * [OPENMEETINGS-424] - Adjust Stream Volume
    * [OPENMEETINGS-428] - Refactor User administration to Wicket
    * [OPENMEETINGS-431] - OpenMeetings behind a proxy doesn't work for screen sharing
    * [OPENMEETINGS-433] - Add Wicket enabled room administration
    * [OPENMEETINGS-434] - Create admin area for groups, configurations, ldaps, servers
    * [OPENMEETINGS-438] - Some bugs
    * [OPENMEETINGS-440] - Problem in installation process
    * [OPENMEETINGS-441] - Can't backup
    * [OPENMEETINGS-445] - Backup Export does not work at all
    * [OPENMEETINGS-449] - Cannot import backup file
    * [OPENMEETINGS-450] - Wicket UI locked after accepting download of backup
    * [OPENMEETINGS-451] - Search in user groups Wicket UI does not work
    * [OPENMEETINGS-453] - Recordings associated with wrong user after import if already a user was in the database
    * [OPENMEETINGS-454] - Scrennsharing initiated by invited user ends up in exception report
    * [OPENMEETINGS-455] - Create RTMPClient to do a load test
    * [OPENMEETINGS-458] - Missing language string "pluginname"
    * [OPENMEETINGS-459] - Remove RoomClient from database
    * [OPENMEETINGS-466] - Screen Sharing window, Chinese Simplified (lang_id=11) text display "?????"
    * [OPENMEETINGS-467] - No internal user can be selected when planning a meeting
    * [OPENMEETINGS-469] - Deleted meeting data remains in SIP db tables
    * [OPENMEETINGS-472] - red5sip rev68 will not run
    * [OPENMEETINGS-474] - Links to rooms sent via email do not work
    * [OPENMEETINGS-482] - Network check script hangs after the second "Port" button click 
    * [OPENMEETINGS-489] - Start recording test hangs if no webcamera connected
    * [OPENMEETINGS-490] - Wrong directory for test file in "Choose device" window
    * [OPENMEETINGS-492] - Restoration of backup failed
    * [OPENMEETINGS-493] - Uploading Libreoffice-format files only results in "Deleted"
    * [OPENMEETINGS-496] - It's unable to send localized SMS message.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-498] - Backup fails with Exception
    * [OPENMEETINGS-502] - Some labels are hardcoded on the System backup tab 
    * [OPENMEETINGS-504] - Some labels are not translated to russian language
    * [OPENMEETINGS-505] - Values of the "Unerole User" and "Server Address" fields are mixed on the Administrator -> Connections tab.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-506] - Localized (russian) file name is not uploaded on the Profile tab
    * [OPENMEETINGS-509] - Comment is shown incorrectly in the Choose device dialog
    * [OPENMEETINGS-512] - Files are not uploaded in the rooms
    * [OPENMEETINGS-515] - Video recording artifacts at the begin of the file
    * [OPENMEETINGS-516] - After graduation tasks
    * [OPENMEETINGS-517] - sensSMS flag is not imported/exported by admin.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-519] - Need to update Configuration page on Openmeetings site.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-520] - Missing areas on the recorded video
    * [OPENMEETINGS-521] - The "Show/Copy chat log" and "Delete server chat log" buttons are not available for the Ptivate Chat
    * [OPENMEETINGS-523] - download manual ghostcript download link is dead
    * [OPENMEETINGS-524] - Unenroled user is not thrown from the conference room 
    * [OPENMEETINGS-525] - Font styles icon is enabled for Ptivate Chat if the "Allow font styles" is not enabled for conference room
    * [OPENMEETINGS-526] - Not enough checking in the screensharing/recording
    * [OPENMEETINGS-530] - Network testing tool on login page does not work when having OM configured for HTTPS and RTMPS
    * [OPENMEETINGS-531] - Error Missing[XXXX]
    * [OPENMEETINGS-536] - In upload dialog "Select file" does not work
    * [OPENMEETINGS-540] - Uploading of .odt files
    * [OPENMEETINGS-552] - Release blocking UI issues
    * [OPENMEETINGS-561] - Video is not removed on Whiteboard closing
    * [OPENMEETINGS-563] - "Black box" is displayed on test audio/video setup dialog
    * [OPENMEETINGS-565] - Stackoverflow Exception when you goto your user profile and try to save it.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-566] - No default timezone selection in registration/sign up when user is in timezone +12
    * [OPENMEETINGS-567] - If you hit the "start upload" button twice, while the conversion is running, Openmeetings will run into an error
    * [OPENMEETINGS-568] - OpenMeetings requests access to Cam even if there is none
    * [OPENMEETINGS-569] - Faulty highperf settings in bat script
    * [OPENMEETINGS-572] - Empty fields are replaced with string "null" after export&import
    * [OPENMEETINGS-580] - Smslib 3.5.3 should be used.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-582] - 2.0 RoomPoll and Configs restore failed

** Improvement
    * [OPENMEETINGS-93] - Create Openmeetings plug-in
    * [OPENMEETINGS-119] - New users french manual
    * [OPENMEETINGS-299] - Language import should be improved to take less time
    * [OPENMEETINGS-339] - File location detection should be centralized
    * [OPENMEETINGS-349] - OM should be scalable 
    * [OPENMEETINGS-356] - Modify Rooms menu to have three options for each of the room types
    * [OPENMEETINGS-357] - Users should first log into "Private rooms", have as a Admin selectable option for where users first log into
    * [OPENMEETINGS-361] - It should be available to set logo in OM
    * [OPENMEETINGS-384] - Mention that the file parameter is optional for the admin setup script
    * [OPENMEETINGS-386] - Import/Export should be automatic based on Annotations
    * [OPENMEETINGS-387] - It should be possible to create Appointment and use existent room
    * [OPENMEETINGS-390] - Openmeetings Plugin for Bitrix need to be implemented
    * [OPENMEETINGS-395] - Ability to add multiple external attendees should be added to the calendar
    * [OPENMEETINGS-397] - Private chat with chat disabled
    * [OPENMEETINGS-398] - Updated french translation for OM 2.1
    * [OPENMEETINGS-399] - jitsi openmeetings plugin
    * [OPENMEETINGS-400] - Improve volume slider
    * [OPENMEETINGS-436] - Ability to moderate room chat should be added
    * [OPENMEETINGS-470] - SIP meeting extensions
    * [OPENMEETINGS-477] - Possibility to copy invitation link to the clipboard should be added
    * [OPENMEETINGS-478] - It should be possible to enable auto videopod selection
    * [OPENMEETINGS-480] - It would be better to remove confirmation dialog when user turns micro on/off.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-497] - Confirmation diolog for the turning micro on/off is inconvenient.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-501] - fresh build fails with class org/jdom/JDOMException not found in anakia build section
    * [OPENMEETINGS-518] - Sms text sent as a meeting reminder is too long sometime.
    * [OPENMEETINGS-527] - Confirm an exclusive audio
    * [OPENMEETINGS-529] - AEC should be utilized in OM
    * [OPENMEETINGS-535] - an update of the german language file
    * [OPENMEETINGS-541] - Updated version of French language file
    * [OPENMEETINGS-562] - To import ppt presentation delete page
    * [OPENMEETINGS-583] - Ability to disable enhanced microphone should be added

** New Feature
    * [OPENMEETINGS-111] - Command line admin need to be created
    * [OPENMEETINGS-342] - Private Chat should be available in the room
    * [OPENMEETINGS-350] - Hot key should be added to be able to "rearrange" video windows in the room
    * [OPENMEETINGS-351] - Add a possibility to send sms as an appointment reminder
    * [OPENMEETINGS-354] - Volume slider
    * [OPENMEETINGS-383] - Plugin for Joomla should be added to Openmeetings

** Task
    * [OPENMEETINGS-41] - OM without private storage area
    * [OPENMEETINGS-107] - Unify database schema
    * [OPENMEETINGS-248] - Remove LGPL Icons from Symbol/Cliparts and Emoticons
    * [OPENMEETINGS-306] - Initial network quality test
    * [OPENMEETINGS-341] - Update to portugues brasil Language
    * [OPENMEETINGS-414] - Delete SIP Applet from stack
    * [OPENMEETINGS-417] - How to add/register SIP extension in OpenMeeting ?
    * [OPENMEETINGS-446] - Create a Master backup File for last versions (including all generated data)
    * [OPENMEETINGS-522] - add Redmine Plugin Link to HomePage
    * [OPENMEETINGS-585] - Clustering documentation

** Test
    * [OPENMEETINGS-50] - content of whiteboards

Maxim aka solomax