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From 申远 <shenyua...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Weex 0.24.0 Released
Date Thu, 30 May 2019 00:29:52 GMT
Thanks, we shall not publish the convenience binary of weex playground anymore until we separate
code into two repos. Meanwhile, we would do the release procedure for weex_sdk as usual, which
should not conflict with the release policy of ASF as far as I understanding.

Best Regards,
York Shen


> 在 2019年5月29日,23:17,Myrle Krantz <myrle@apache.org> 写道:
> Hi YorkShen,
> On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 3:29 PM 申远 <shenyuancs@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> What's more: a convenience binary shouldn't contain the compilation of
>>> anything not in the code release.  It sounds like what you're publishing
>>> there isn't actually Apache Weex, but "based on Apache Weex".
>> Well, what happens here is that there are two libraries in the git repo of
>> incubator-weex, namely weex_sdk and weex playground. Apache Weex release
>> only contains weex_sdk, and we publish weex_sdk as a convenience binary
>> after the Apache Release as well. Then we used to publish weex playground
>> to ios App Store in the name of Taobao(China) as we need an apple
>> developer/enterprise account to do so.
> You'll need to send weex playground through your voting and release process
> as a source code release too, otherwise you can't call the binary release
> Weex to the rest of the world.  Since you're already doing releases for
> weex_sdk, though, you know how to do this.  It's not uncommon for a single
> project to release multiple code bases, sometimes on inconsistent
> schedules.  Although it might be a challenge with only one release manager.
>> As INFRA[1] owned an Apple developer account,
> Thank you, I learned something.
>> I think we could separate
>> weex_sdk and weex playground into two repos and publish Weex playground in
>> the name of ASF.
> I personally prefer the multi-repo development model, and Apache does
> support it.  But it's not a requirement.  It's up to y'all.  If you need
> help getting another repo, let me know.
> Best Regards,
> Myrle

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