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From "1109695647" <1109695...@qq.com>
Subject weex slider component problem
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 04:27:22 GMT
      I am a java development, recently in the use of weex framework, using ‘slider’ and
‘list‘ components combine to make a similar order list page, found the drop-down refresh
component failure (performance is a 2 drop in front of or refresh is normal, several show
back pull refresh control there is a problem, not to write in the drop-down refresh component
content), other parameters of infinite slider component is invalid, I took a look at the source
code of Android found ‘WXSlider’ class for the ‘setProperty’ method does not handle
the value for ‘infinite’  key.

   online demo url http://jn.oaknt.com/weex/test/TestSliderAndList.js
   see attachment for source code


weex_demo.zip (33.43M, 2017年10月07日 12:25 到期)进入下载页面:http://mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/ftnExs_download?k=7b3634390b4adac8a6aa107b1262011a0e0e040e500303051403040e034f07010e571958055552185c03515800570304580e0d0f346f33425c534c6650075e5a174c5d49345f&t=exs_ftn_download&code=96494b35
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