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From Peter Kluegl <peter.klu...@averbis.com>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache UIMA Ruta 2.8.1 released
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2020 15:52:45 GMT
The Apache UIMA team is pleased to announce the release of
Apache UIMA Ruta (Rule-based Text Annotation), version 2.8.1.

The Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) is a
component framework supporting development, discovery, composition, and
deployment of multi-modal analytics tasked with the analysis of
unstructured information.

Apache UIMA is an Apache licensed open source implementation of the UIMA
specification which is being developed by a technical committee within
OASIS, a standards organization. The implementation comprises an SDK and
tooling for composing and running analytic components.

Apache UIMA Ruta is a rule-based script language supported by
Eclipse-based tooling. The language is designed to enable rapid
development of text processing applications within UIMA. A special focus
lies on the intuitive and flexible domain specific language for defining
patterns of annotations. The Eclipse-based tooling,
called the Apache UIMA Ruta Workbench, supports the
user and facilitates every step when writing rules. Both
the rule language and the workbench integrate
smoothly with Apache UIMA.

This bugfix release is *not* compatible with UIMA v3.

The UIMA Ruta Workbench and in particular the launching of UIMA Ruta
script in simple UIMA Ruta projects faces some incompatibilities with
newer Java versions. Please refer to the UIMA mailing lists for known

Major Changes:

- Fixed broken literal string matching.
- Fixed variable initialization with other variables.
- Fixed assignment of lists to variables.
- Fixed assignment of annotation comparison expression to variables.
- PARSE condition supports additional argument that represents the
string to be parsed.

For a full list of the changes, please refer to Jira:

You can download the source package here:

The UIMA Ruta Workbench is available at the Eclipse update site:

More information about UIMA Ruta can be found here:

 - Peter Klügl, for the Apache UIMA development team

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