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From Mandy Neumann <mandy.neum...@th-koeln.de>
Subject How to get TextRuler to work
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2019 16:22:16 GMT

after fixing my initial problems with the CAS views, I now want to 
proceed to my main task. I want to apply TextRuler to learn a set of 
rules instead of writing them manually.

Unfortunately, I can't get TextRuler to work in my project. The example 
project works, but when I start the process on my project, the view 
displays "Preprocessing... Loading XMI file (input): <file>" and does 
nothing more. I also cannot stop, pressing the stop button has no 
effect, I need to restart the workbench to be able to change TextRuler 

I'm not sure if my workflow is even right. The first step is to convert 
html input into XMIs with the html tags as annotations. In order to 
create the training data, I figured I need to include the target type 
system already at this step. I then used the "Annotate/Quick Annotate" 
options in the CAS viewer to create the gold standard annotations.

I also created two Ruta scripts to be used by TextRuler. Base.ruta 
basically just declares the target type system. Features.ruta creates 
some basic annotations that should be used by TextRuler to infer rules.

Anybody an idea why my workflow won't work?



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