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From "Ding Haoqi" <dongnan_...@163.com>
Subject Re:Re: Questions abuot RUTA list building objects
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2017 12:39:10 GMT
Hi,<br/><br/>It seems the the IDE(Eclipse) can recognise the comment if I open
the RUTA script file with the UIMA Ruta source Editor ,line 2 satrt with // will change to
light green like the other normal comment,but all the scripts after this line will not take
effect when I run these scripts by the ruta-core-2.4.0.jar.There is no error exception during
the runtime.<br/><br/>Thanks :)
At 2017-04-19 19:52:31, "Peter Kl├╝gl" <peter.kluegl@averbis.com> wrote:
>StringLists as any other List Feature Structure are currently not
>supported by Ruta. You are welcome to open a request for it.
>Right now, only Arrays like uima.cas.StringArray are supported. Is that
>an option for you?
>A double backslash (\\) will probably cause a parse error. A double
>slash (//) should work just fine.
>Is there an exception?
>Am 19.04.2017 um 13:42 schrieb Ding Haoqi:
>> Hi all,
>> I defined a Annotation  class with a feature named probList who's  rangetype is StringList
in my type system,but what shoul I do to set the value of the feature probList in RUTA script?By
ADD action or SETFEATURE action?If the name of Annotation is Diag,it has the feature probList,I
have try the following scripts:
>>> //add some elements to the list PROBLIST
>>> ADD(PROLIST,"stringexpression1");
>>> ADD(PROLIST,"stringexpression2");
>>> Diag{->SETFEATURE("probList",PROBLIST)};
>>> Document{->Diag.probList = PROBLIST};
>> but is seems doesn't work, the value of the feature probList is null and there is
no ERROR message.
>> by the way,if I use the double backslash(//) as the comment marker, all the scripts
behind the comment marker will be ignore evenif I have started a new line.for the prior example,
only the line 1 script will acturelly work.
>> Is there anything I can do to run the scripts right?
>> Best,
>> Ding Haoqi
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