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From Richard Eckart de Castilho <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: uimaFIT auto-detection of types
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 23:24:47 GMT
Hi Matt,

are you using a Maven-base project/build (and the Maven project layout with src/main/java,
src/main/resources, etc.) or a plain Java project?

Which version of uimaFIT are you using?


-- Richard

> On 10.12.2015, at 12:16, Matthew DeAngelis <ronin78@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am struggling with type auto-detection in Eclipse. Following the
> documentation (and this document:
> https://code.google.com/p/uimafit/wiki/TypeDescriptorDetection), I have
> placed my type system descriptors in desc/types/*.xml (also just
> desc/*.xml) and created types.txt in META-INF/org.apache.uima.fit with the
> line classpath*:desc/types/*.xml (I have tried placing the types.txt file
> in the folder META-INF/org.uimafit as well, following Richard's document
> above, with the same results). However, I am still getting missing type
> complaints at runtime.
> For instance, the following code runs a reader and a single analysis
> engine, DJNMultiplier, that relies on the typesystem specified in
> desc/types/DJTypes.xml.
> CollectionReaderDescription cr = createReaderDescription(...);
> TypeSystemDescription tsd =
> TypeSystemDescriptionFactory.createTypeSystemDescription();
> AnalysisEngineDescription djread =
> AnalysisEngineFactory.createEngineDescription(DJNMultiplier.class,tsd);
> SimplePipeline.runPipeline(cr,djread);
> This results in: "org.apache.uima.cas.CASRuntimeException: JCas type
> "document.DJInfo" used in Java code,  but was not declared in the XML type
> descriptor."
> Changing the code to specify the location of the typesystem runs fine:
> CollectionReaderDescription cr = createReaderDescription(...);
> TypeSystemDescription tsd =
> TypeSystemDescriptionFactory.createTypeSystemDescription("desc/types/DJTypes");
> AnalysisEngineDescription djread =
> AnalysisEngineFactory.createEngineDescription(DJNMultiplier.class,tsd);
> SimplePipeline.runPipeline(cr,djread);
> The latter code would actually be fine for most of my needs, except that I
> am trying to create a jar file following the instructions in the
> documentation found here:
> https://uima.apache.org/d/uimafit-current/tools.uimafit.book.html#ugr.tools.uimafit.packaging.
> These instructions seem predicated on typesystem auto-detection. When I use
> Maven Shade to build a jar from the latter code, it complains that: "No
> file with the name "desc/types/DJTypes.xml" was found in the class path or
> data path". I suppose that a solution to my problem could include a way to
> package up the typesystem descriptors so that they can be seen within the
> jar file; I'm not especially picky about getting this thing running.
> Any help would be appreciated. I am probably missing something basic, but
> I'll be darned if I can see it.
> Regards,
> Matt

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