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From Mario Gazzo <mario.ga...@gmail.com>
Subject Error handling in flow control
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2015 09:37:35 GMT
I am trying to get error handling to work with a custom flow control. I need to send status
information back to a service after the flow completed either with or without errors but I
can only do this once for any workflow item because it changes the state of the job, at least
without error replies and wasteful requests. The problem is that I need to do several retries
before finally failing and reporting the status to a service. First I tried to let the CPE
do the retry for me by setting the max error count but then a new flow object is created every
time and I loose track of the number of retries before this. This means that I don’t know
when to report the status to the service because it should only happen after the final retry.

I then tried to let the flow instance manage the retries by moving back to the previous step
again but then I get the error “org.apache.uima.cas.CASRuntimeException: Data for Sofa feature
setLocalSofaData() has already been set”, which is because the document text is set in this
particular test case. I then also tried to reset the CAS completely before retrying the pipeline
from scratch and this of course throws the error “CASAdminException: Can't flush CAS, flushing
is disabled.”. It would be less wasteful if only the failed step is retried instead of the
whole pipeline but this requires clean up, which in some cases might be impossible. It appears
that managing errors can be rather complex because the CAS can be in an unknown state and
an analysis engine operation is not idempotent. I probably need to start the whole pipeline
from the start if I want more than a single attempt, which gets me back to the problem of
tracking the number of attempts before reporting back to the service.

Does anyone have any good suggestion on how to do this in UIMA e.g. passing state information
from a failed flow to the next flow attempt?

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