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From <Armin.Weg...@bka.bund.de>
Subject RUTA and shared resources
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 08:20:38 GMT

This a very short and simple gazetteer using RUTA.


where the first %s is replaced using String.format() by the name of the source type, the second
%s is replaced by the target type name, and the third %s is replaced by the URL of a word
list. Doing so, it's a little bit for flexible. This is done once in CasAnnotator_ImplBase.initialize().

Then the script is executed with Ruta.apply(cas, script) in process(). But that means that
the word list is read again for every CAS processed. Is there any way to have RUTA use the
word list as a SharedResourceObject, so that it is read once only?

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