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From Mog <...@crydee.eu>
Subject Re: Sofa-unaware AEs that create new views in an AAE
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2014 13:50:45 GMT
The fact that views are "immutable" is also valuable though. To me, the
fact that you can't rearrange views easily is similar to the fact that
you can't change the text of a document once it's set: even if it was
doable, it would make processes less observable and less robust in the end.


On 04/17/2014 10:39 PM, Richard Eckart de Castilho wrote:
> On 17.04.2014, at 15:31, Peter Kl├╝gl <pkluegl@uni-wuerzburg.de> wrote:
>> That would work, if the modifier AEs that create new views are not cascaded.
> Btw: I think it would be great if UIMA did offer a mechanism that would
> allow an AE to redefine the default view without external sofa mapping.
> E.g. AE1 runs, creates a new view and wants that this view is subsequently
> the default. It would call cas.setDefaultView("newView"). Then AE2 would
> get that view as default, etc. 
> It can be done using an external sofa-mapping, but the longer the cascade
> gets, the more annoying it is to set up local and global names and to
> make the mapping explicit.
> -- Richard

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