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From Petr Baudis <pa...@ucw.cz>
Subject Complex architectures with multiple CASes - how to?
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2014 02:34:34 GMT

  I'd like to ask about the philosophy and typical usage patterns behind
multiple CASes, CAS multipliers and CAS mergers.

  I'm working on a simple question-answering system built on top of
UIMA and mirroring DeepQA architecture.  Basically, on input I have
a CAS with the input question as a sofa, and after some processing,
a "search" CAS multiplier produces a CAS for each search result that
might contain an answer.

  However, at this point, I may want to use an AE that needs to see both
the question CAS and the search result CAS. Typically, I could try to
align sentences, i.e. with question sofa "Who invented the transistor?"
and stand-off Focus annotation for "Who", I may want to search the
result CAS for "(\S+) invented the transistor".

  But now I'm stuck.  How can I build such an AE that has access to
information in two CASes?  It seems one approach is to copy featuresets
to result CAS in the multiplier.  However, if the CAS sofa is different,
how can stand-off annotations (like Focus) be carried over?  Also, I may
want to match parse trees instead of strings, which suddenly means
potentially a lot of data is copied, and I will need to distinguish
annotations of the question and of the searh result.  A similar problem,
but in a much clumsier way, seems to arise if I were to make the
alignment AE a CAS merger.

  I must be missing something obvious here, but reading the developer guide
back and forth doesn't help... Thanks for any hints!

				Petr Baudis

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