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From Andrew MacKinlay ...@akmy.net>
Subject Preferably using UIMAfit, how can I dynamically generate types for a CollectionReader
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 02:56:36 GMT

I have a working CollectionReader implementation which converts from a particular web service
to UIMA annotations, based primarily on uimaFIT. It works OK, but the problem is that the
web service has its own implicit dynamic type system, particularly for document annotations,
and that is currently not being well-handled (I can put a 'type' string as a textual feature,
but UIMA is not set up to query over these kinds of annotations, as far as I can tell, so
it seems suboptimal). 

I have now written code which can generate a TypeSystemDescription at runtime for the dynamic
types based on the web service output. However, I'm not sure how to most sensibly integrate
that with my uimaFIT architecture. Does anyone have any ideas? I guess I could stop using
uimaFIT altogether - maybe it's not the right solution here, (although I'm also not entirely
sure of the best way to handle this in classic UIMA). 

I'd like to keep using uimaFIT if possible though - many other types, particularly those relating
to overall document metadata, are already working very nicely and succinctly with uimaFIT.

BTW, the current CollectionReader implementation, which hard-codes handling of some types,
and uses the textual string fallback in other cases, can be found at https://bitbucket.org/andymackinlay/uimavlab/src/c178fa9ebf5d5ffcad0249dd165ca44cde8dcefd/src/main/java/com/nicta/uimavlab/ItemListCollectionReader.java?at=default

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