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From Peter Kl├╝gl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: Problem writing ruta extensions
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2013 08:58:49 GMT

Am 04.12.2013 18:33, schrieb Sebastian:
> Hi,
> I'm highly interested in ruta, and its potential applications in industrial
> applications. Right know I'm trying to create a simple toy condition
> extension that is simply a case insensitive INLIST condition. It is
> completely based on the InListCondition class, I also declared an
> implementation of the IRutaConditionExtension interface.
> With primitve types everything seems to work great, except when the
> condition is used with a variable :
> STRINGLIST MonthsList = {"january", ...};
> DECLARE Month;
> I get a class cast exception when the condition is being created, because
> MonthsList is a SimpleTypeExpression and I'm expecting a StringListExpression. 
> Am I doing something wrong ? I suppose there is a way to resolve the
> variable to the actual list, but I missed it somehow.

It's hard to say what went wrong. My first guess would be that there is
a problem in your extension. I just verified that INLIST works at all (I
haven't used it myself for a long time).

The example works with INLIST:

STRINGLIST MonthsList = {"january"};
ANY{INLIST(MonthsList) -> MARK(Month)};

Can you post the stacktrace of the exception? Or can you send me the
source code of your extension (in case you do not want to post it on a
public mailing list)?

Anyways, the usage of INLIST makes only sense if you want to work on
dynamic dictionaries that may change during rule execution. Have you
taken a look at the MARKFAST or TRIE action?
They already have options for case-insensitivity and are overall faster
and more powerful.



PS: You can, of course, also post a feature request on JIRA for adding a
case-insensitivity to the INLIST condition :-)

> Any ideas on how that could be done?
> Regards
> Sebastian

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