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From swirl <swirl...@yahoo.com>
Subject Designing collection readers: Reading multiple XML files containing multiple CASes
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 01:19:12 GMT
I am wondering if anyone has a better idea.

a. I have a pipeline that needs to process a bunch of XML files.
b. The XML files could be on the disk, or from a remote location (available 
via a HTTP GET call, e.g. http://example.com/inputFiles/001.xml)
c. Each XML file contain mulitple sections, each section's content should be 
parsed to produce a separate CAS
d. I need to able to parse XML of different schema. Although the assumption 
is that each pipeline run can only handle one specific XML schema. That is, I 
do not need to handle different XML schema in each pipeline run.
e. With the above, I need to be able to construct a new collection reader, 
parser based on specific needs of each application.
f. For e.g., I can specify that the XML files are in a disk folder, and to 
use parser A to decode the specific schema of the XML files. In another 
pipeline, I can specify to the collection reader a list of URLs to retrieve 
some remote XML files and parse them using parser B.

Here are what I have so far:
a. I am using cleartk's UriCollectionReader to insert URIs of files into the 
CAS from local disk folders and remote URIs. So far so good.
b. I created a AE UriToDocumentAnnotatorA that can reads the URI in the CAS 
and parse the file according to XML schema A. 
c. But the above only produce 1 CAS per XML file. Requirement c. is not 
fulfilled. I need to produce multiple CASes from a single XML file. How do I 
do this?

Thanks in advance.

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