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From "John David Osborne (Campus)" <ozb...@uab.edu>
Subject "Run as AS aggregate" and pre-fetching
Date Sat, 19 Oct 2013 17:25:46 GMT
What are the consequences of selecting in a UIMA-AS deployment descriptor
"Run as AS aggregate"?

I found an email from a year ago online where Eddie Epstein wrote:
"UIMA-AS will put every asynchronous component in a separate thread.Using
the ComponentDescriptorEditor on a UIMA-AS deployment
descriptor, marking an aggregate with "Run as AS aggregate" will make
every delegate in *that* aggregate an asynchronous component."

I have a deployment with 32 aggregate analysis engines but I have not
checked the box "Run as AS aggregate" in the deployment descriptor. Should
I generally be doing this for all aggregate analysis engines? I'm not sure
I understand the tradeoff very well, it sounds like I could get some
performance improvements by checking this box since everything could run
asynchronously however it sounds like if my pipeline isn't really ready to
be run asynchronously some things may break..

Did I get that right?

Also I noticed the Eclipse component editor for UIMA-AS deployment
descriptor doesn't provide the option to set pre-fetching (you can't see
it either).


John David Osborne

Research Associate
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Biomedical Informatics
Center for Clinical and Translational Science
1720 7th Avenue South
Sparks Building, Suite 175
Birmingham, AL, 35294


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