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From Peter Klügl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: [ruta] How to efficiently delete an annotation only if it appears within the N first token of a document?
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2013 19:20:48 GMT
Am 28.08.2013 20:33, schrieb Alexandre Patry:
> On 2013-08-28 12:19, Peter Klügl wrote:
>> On 28.08.2013 18:17, Alexandre Patry wrote:
>>> I will be happy to test drive MARKFIRST when it will be in trunk.
>> It's already in the trunk. If you want, then I can also think of
>> something that avoid the visibility problem.
> I was able to make it work in my application, but my eclipse plugin 
> does not recognize the MARKFIRST keyword. Here is what I did :
> 1. Uninstall the RUTA Workbench plugin from eclipse
> 2. `mvn clean install` in ruta/trunk
> 3. `mvn clean package -Declipse.home=/usr/lib/eclipse 
> -Duima-eclipse-jar-processor=/usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.jarprocessor_1.0.200.dist.jar

> -Declipse-equinox-launcher=/usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.2.0.dist.jar`

> in ruta/trunk/ruta-eclipse-update-site
> 4. Re-install the RUTA Workbench plugin in eclipse from 
> ruta/trunk/ruta-eclipse-update-site/target/eclipse-update-site
> Did I miss something?

I will do some testing tomorrow, but my first guess is that uninstall 
does not remove the plugins, only the feature. When you install the 
feature again with the same version, then the plugins have not changed 
as they are already present in the same version. You could try to simply 
replace the plugins in your eclipse installation and restart it with -clean.


> Thanks,
> Alexandre

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