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From swirl <swirl...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Using uima pipeline as an API
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 02:15:03 GMT
Richard Eckart de Castilho <richard.eckart@...> writes:
> You should take a look at the JCasIterable (cf. [1] - Example in Groovy, 
> JCasIterable is a Java class and works nicely in Java too, just I have no 
> example in Java).
> JCasIterable basically allows you to iterate over the CASes produced by 
> pipeline. In such a look, you can extract and collect the data you need 
> the CASes, e.g. putting into a List<String> and returning it. Mind that 
> should *not* try to keep hold of full CASes, FeatureStructure (including
> Annotations and stuff). You need to copy the data from the CAS, otherwise
> it will be corrupted.

Hi Richard,
I was reading your reference for using JCasIterable 
of-speech_tagging_pipeline_using_JCasIterable_and_c), but i have some 

Your example creates a JCasIterable using the following codes:

def pipeline = new JCasIterable(
    TextReader.PARAM_PATH, args[0],
    TextReader.PARAM_LANGUAGE, args[1],
    TextReader.PARAM_PATTERNS, ["[+]*.txt"]),

I assume that createReaderDescription(), createEngineDescription() are 
return CollectionReaderDescription and AnalysisEngineDescription 
respectively. But when I looked at the constructor for JCasIterable, it only 
accepts CollectionReader and AnalysisEngine array:
 JCasIterable(final CollectionReader aReader, final AnalysisEngine... 

Why is this so?

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