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From Peter Klügl <pklu...@uni-wuerzburg.de>
Subject Re: Extending TextMarker with new actions
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 15:48:34 GMT

I checked the language extensions and unfortunately they do not work 
right now. There are some small bugs, but they will be fixed tomorrow.



Am 25.04.2013 11:37, schrieb Peter Klügl:
> Hi,
> Am 25.04.2013 03:29, schrieb William Karl Thompson:
>> Hello,
>> (My apologies, I mistakenly sent this to the dev list initially)
>> I'm very interested in using the TextMarker project, but the current 
>> set of action types doesn't quite do what I need. I found references 
>> to an extension mechanism, have also found the 
>> ITextMarkerActionExtension interface in the source code. I also found 
>> the antlr grammar and lexer files where the TextMarker language is 
>> defined, which appears to be where new action type names are to be 
>> added. So I surmise the steps to add new actions is to
>> 1.       Add the desired action signature to the antlr grammar
>> 2.       Define an implementation of ITextMarkerActionExtension that 
>> implements the functionality.
>> Is there an easier way to do this? My concern is that I need to 
>> modify TextMarker source files (the grammar and lexer files), which 
>> would be overwritten on any updated version of TextMarker.
> This should be possible without changing any textmarker code.
> There is a generic parsing rule in the grammar, which creates an 
> external action using the set of ITextMarkerExtension mentioned in the 
> descriptor (parameter: additionalExtensions). There is no default 
> syntax check since the possible arguments are of course not yet known 
> by the engine. Syntax checks need to be implemented in the 
> ITextMarkerActionExtension.createAction(), which throws an 
> ANTLRException. The arguments of the action are delegated to this 
> method, which return the action implementation, so there will probably 
> many casts and "if instanceOf" checks. Language constructs like 
> assignments ("feature" = Type) known by the CREATE action, are not yet 
> supported.
> Unfortunately, there is no automatic integration in the workbench yet. 
> You have to modify the BasicEngine (add the extension) in the 
> textmarker project yourself. The implemenatation of the extension 
> needs of course then also be available to the workbench.
> I haven't used the language extensions since 2009 (it was a wordnet 
> integration) and they are not yet covered by unit tests. So, there are 
> maybe some bugs due to the changes after the contribution to Apache 
> UIMA. However, I will check the functionality, add a test case and 
> extend the documentation.
> Concerning the list of available actions: You are of course also 
> welcome to create feature requests for new actions. The current set of 
> actions is mainly based on my own requirements and I will gladly add 
> new reasonable/generic actions (within the limits of my available time).
> Best,
> Peter
>> Thanks!
>> Will Thompson

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