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From "Kline, Larry D" <Larry.Kl...@USONCOLOGY.COM>
Subject RE: problem retrieving the annotations of a specific sofa view over a REST service
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 21:49:56 GMT
I have a similar pipeline and deployment (as a pear in a web service).
I do a JCas.reset at the end of the web service method.  This of course
clears all the annotations out of the CAS.  So before I do that I copy
the annotations into some serializable POJOs of my own.  Those are what
I return to the client.  I'm not using a RESTful interface so I generate
client side code from the web service's WSDL.

I'm not sure that UIMA annotations can be serialized over a web service
call.  Or if you would even want to.  They have a very complicated
internal structure.

Larry Kline

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From: Helen Johnson -X (heljohns - Infobahn Softworld Inc at Cisco)
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 12:52 PM
To: user@uima.apache.org
Subject: problem retrieving the annotations of a specific sofa view over
a REST service

I have a UIMA pipeline that consists of an AAE that uses multiple sofa
The first component of the AAE takes the _InitialView cas.documentText,
which is XML, converts it to plain text, and inputs this new text and
some annotations into a new view called plainText (thank you to those
last week that helped me figure out this labyrinth).
The subsequent AEs in the AAE create many annotations.
A final AnnotationPrinter AE at the end of the pipeline shows that the
plainText view of the CAS contains the annotations I expect.

Next, this AAE is wrapped into a PEAR and deployed onto a tomcat server
as a REST service (using the sandbox SimpleServer).
The response to a call to the AAE server is supposed to be the
annotations. However, the result is blank - there are no annotations
being sent back from the AAE.

-          Could this have to do with the annotations being associated
with the plainText view instead of the _InitialView?

-          If so, how do  I force the AAE to return the annotations
associated with the plainText view?

-          Or, how do I set the plainText view annotations to be
available in the "default" view?

Thank you,
Helen Johnson
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