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From "Pablo Duboue (KeaText)" <pablo.dub...@keatext.com>
Subject Can the begin/end of an already indexed annotation be changed?
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 19:44:05 GMT

The javadoc for CAS.addFsToIndexes says:

   Important: after you have called addFsToIndexes(...) on a FS, do not 
change the values of any features used
   for indexing. If you do, the index will become corrupted and may be 
unusable. If you need to change an
   index feature value, first call removeFsFromIndexes(...) on the FS, 
change the feature values, then call
   addFsToIndexes(...) again.

Now, what are the "features used for indexing"...? I couldn't figure it 
out from looking at the code. It seems the "feature for indexing" is the 
value of getAddress(), so changing begin or end should be fine isn't it?

Sending you all my best regards from Montreal,


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