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From Simon <si...@teratext.saic.com.au>
Subject Re: Providing collection definitions to multiple CasMulipliers
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 22:47:29 GMT
> Each collection definition (in a CAS) will be delivered to a single
> UIMA-AS service instance containing a CM and AggAE. Each service
> will then process its given input collection, and when done return
> the input CAS to the client/driver, freeing the service to process
> another input.
> So what exactly is the question?
> > If I wish to create many Aggregates...
> Does this mean many different types of Aggregates? If so, each
> different type service must use a different input queue.
> > ... how can I make sure each new aggregate
> > CASMultipier gets a collection definition from an input CAS since all
> > CASMultipliers hang off the same input queue?
> Does this mean how can you be sure that the work [input CASes]
> will be distributed across all available service instances? With the
> default UIMA-AS parameters they will be.
> Is there a different question?

I was hoping to deploy the same Aggregate many times and each Aggregate
process files from a different directory. But I was wondering how to tell
each Aggregate which directory to process, and not use config files to do

Each Aggregate would have the same input queue, so it seems providing the
directory path (in an input CAS) to a newly deployed aggregate is not
possible since there may be already deployed identical aggregates with
the same input queue.


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