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From Shahim Essaid <sha...@essaid.com>
Subject Obtaining ResourceCreatingSpecifier (and other specifiers and metadata objects in general) inside an AnalysisComponenet
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2012 18:21:41 GMT
Hi All,

How can I obtain the analysis engine description inside an annotator?
I am assuming that I should be able to obtain that object (and other
related objects such as the various metadata elements) from the root
context but I have not yet found the way for doing this.

Let's say the use case is the following: a primitive annotator
(without any special configuration) needs to generate all the XML that
was used to create and configure the analysis engine and all its
components. Is this possible? Which objects do I need to traverse from
the root context to get to the objects holding this information? I
don't need to get the ULR paths to the original XML files, just the
parsed data in the various objects.

Thank you,

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