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From Alexandre Patry <alexandre.pa...@keatext.com>
Subject Re: CAS Visualisation
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:00:19 GMT

On 2012-10-16, at 8:31 AM, Andreas Niekler <aniekler@informatik.uni-leipzig.de> wrote:

> Dear UIMA Users,
> i wonder what the best practice would be to render a CAS as a html snippet that could
be included into a webpage. I already found the AnnotationViewGenerator which is producing
complete html files which is far to much as i just want to generate snippets.
> Has anybody a nice library or script to easily convert a cas to a html based structure?

I do not know if there is a class doing what you want from a CAS, but it is easy to extract
snippets of html from a document using a library like jsoup (http://jsoup.org). For example,
you could extract the body content in the following way :

 // retrieve complete document html
String html = …

// extract html under body
String snippet = Jsoup.parse(html).select("body").html();

Hope this help,


> Thank you very much
> -- 
> Andreas Niekler, Dipl. Ing. (FH)
> NLP Group | Department of Computer Science
> University of Leipzig
> Johannisgasse 26 | 04103 Leipzig
> mail: aniekler@informatik.uni-leipzig.deg.de

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