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From Eric Riebling <e...@cs.cmu.edu>
Subject Re: CAS Editor: link feature structure with other FSes
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 21:52:51 GMT
I think a VERY important step is missing from the instructions:
what to do when you want to link feature structures.

Simply by guessing and trial and error, I was able to come up
with this solution:

  * By hook or by crook, get the FS into which you want to link
	another FS into the Edit View panel
  * Click the lock icon in the Edit View panel, "pinning" it.
  * By hook or by crook, navigate to the FS you want to link.
	This is not easy, because the editor is likely in a mode
	that automatically selects FSes of the type being
	created, which may not be the type you're linking,
	so you may have to change modes(!)
    For me, the best way is to actually use the Outline view.
  * Find the FS to link in the Outline view, and DRAG it INTO the
	Edit View panel, into the Value column box of the  feature
	you're linking it into.

THIS actually seems to work, but it was quite a surprise to discover
one can drag between panels -nowhere do the instructions mention
doing anything like this.  *undocumented feature* :)

On 6/20/2012 5:27 PM, Eric Riebling wrote:
> I know the instructions say that you can create referenced feature structures
> including arrays, and that you can link a feature structure with other feature
> structures.  But the instructions leave out the details of HOW.  Somehow the
> phrases "it can be pinned to the edit view" and "This means that it does not
> change if the selection changes" are not enough information to complete the
> action.
> What should be pinned, what should be selected?  The annotation being
> added, or the feature structure being referenced (linked)?
> I have a suspicion that this is glossing over what CANNOT be done:
> creating an array of feature structures that are links to other
> feature structures.  Like an FSArray of uima.tcas.Annotation
> Here's what I try.  The type being added (let's call it 'Relation') has a Feature
> named 'args' which is a FSArray of annotations of type Annotation
>   * set the CAS Editor Mode to Relation by right-clicking in
>      the middle of the text and choosing Relation from the
>      pop-up menu
>   * select and highlight a range of text
>   * Type shift-Enter, then type the keyboard shortcut key
>      for Relation from the pop-up menu
>   * In the Edit View associated with the newly created Relation,
>      click on 'args'
>   * click the plus sign to create an array, and in the pop-up
>      Array size dialog box, enter for Size: 2

Eric Riebling                 Senior Research Programmer
http://ericriebling.com       CMU Language Technologies Institute

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