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From Andy Shirey <ashirey...@yahoo.com>
Subject ConceptMapper classes relying on deprecated AnnotatorContext
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 02:53:25 GMT
Hello!  I'm ramping up on UIMA, particularly ConceptMapper 2.3.1.

Several ConceptMapper 2.3.1 classes require a deprecated class:

Instead of its replacement:

Is ConceptMapper still being actively maintained?

classes: TokenNormalizer, TokenFilter, DictionaryResource
e.g. TokenNormalizer Constructor Summary
annotatorContext, org.apache.uima.conceptMapper.Logger logger)

UIMA Deprecated API:
As of release 2.3.0, use UimaContext instead 

For now I'm copying these classes into my source, and
Overloading methods to accept org.apache.uima.UimaContext where needed.  

I'd love to keep all UIMA source code external if it's still being maintained.

Thanks for reading and appreciate any feedback!

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