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From Frank Enders <end...@averbis.de>
Subject Re: UIMA AS: Invalid destination after broker restart
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 14:32:32 GMT
Jerry, thanks for your reply first of all.
Pending messages don't seem to play a role in our scenario. I am just
sending single messages synchronously using sendAndReceiveCAS().
So when I restart the broker no messages are pending.
I attached jconsole to the broker in order to observe its behaviour:
A strange thing is that when the error occurs I can see that the missing
queue actually should be present:

The error states:
"javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: Cannot publish to a deleted
Destination: temp-queue://ID:xubuntu-VirtualBox-42260-1328698333409-0:2:1"

But in jconsole I can see:

|- org.apache.acticemq
	|- OurBroker
		|- TempQueue
			|- ID_xubuntu-VirtualBox-42260-1328698333409-0_2_1
appearing at the same time (until the UimaASMetaRequestTimeout is reached).

Each subsequent request I send produces the same error (only the temp
queue's id changes for each request).

After stopping and redeploying the endpoint, everything works fine again.

All the best,

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