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From <Armin.Weg...@bka.bund.de>
Subject Merging CASes
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 06:18:38 GMT


I have got an XMI-file with the gold-standard as initial view and
another XMI-file with tagger output as inital view. Now I would like to
combine both into one CAS, such that the gold-standard is in the gold
view and the tagger ouput in the tagger view. Than, I can easly compute
the F-values. Any ideas how to do that? Is it possible to deserialze two
CASes in such a way?

The problem is that I have to use the two files. With one file and some
annotators one could do it like this: Use an collection reader to read
the gold-standard from the XMI-file. Create a new view for the tagger.
Copy the sofa from the gold view to the new tagger view. Use an
annotator to tag the tagger view sofa. You could repeat the last three
steps for different taggers. Than you would have all annotations for all
taggers in one huge CAS. What do you think about this?



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