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From Frank Schilder <frank.schil...@thomsonreuters.com>
Subject Re: BigDecimal as CAS type
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2010 20:44:31 GMT

>> The easiest work-around would be to put a string representation
>> in the CAS.  Just use the BigDecimal.toString() method to encode,
>> and the BigDecimal(String) constructor to decode.  I know it's
>> ugly.  If you hide this conversion behind some accessor methods
>> for your money annotation, you can later change this implementation
>> for something better.
> If you use the JCas approach, you can put the "hiding" conversions into some
> customized methods in the JCas cover type.
> -Marshall

I think that should work. I just need to be careful when I jcasgen the type



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