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From Jérôme Rocheteau <jerome.rochet...@univ-nantes.fr>
Subject AAE parameter value override
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 13:20:59 GMT

I would like to know a little more about the overrides of parameter values between
Aggregate Analysis Engines and the fact that their embedded Flow Controllers could
access to these values.

I designed the following AE where every Analysis Engines (Primitive and Aggregate)
have a String multivalued optional parameter called SofaNames. And this parameter
value of AAE 1 (resp. AAE 2) overrides those of AE 1.1 ... AE1.m (resp AE 2.1 .. AE
2.n). Moreover, this parameter value of AAE 0 overrides those of AAE 1 and AAE 2. And
this parameter value is given through the CAS Processor Configuration Parameter
Settings of a Collection Processing Engine.

* AAE 0
  ** AAE 1
    *** AE 1.1
    *** AE 1.m
  ** AEE 2
    *** AE 2.1
    *** AE 2.n

The Flow Controller I use retrieves the SofaNames parameter value of the AAE. If it
fails to retrieve such a value, it throws an exception. 

However, when I use AAE 1 only, no one exception is thrown whereas when I use the AAE 0
neither the AAE 1 Flow Controller nor the AAE 2 one retrieve such a value.

The CPE sets the AAE 0 's SofaNames parameter value correctly but neither the AAE 1
nor AAE 2's SofaNames parameter value are set. 

I supposed that it should not be the case. 

Does anybody can explain why? If it is a kind of bug or if I am wrong and I miss
something in the documentation. 

Thanks in advance,


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