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From Philip Ogren <phi...@ogren.info>
Subject maven src directory for generated code
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2010 02:41:28 GMT
We are using maven as the build platform for our uima-based projects.  
As part of the build org.apache.uima.tools.jcasgen.Jg is invoked to 
generate java files for the type system.  This is performed in the 
process-resources phase using a plugin configuration previously 
discussed on this list.  We have the target directory for the generated 
java files set to src/main/java.  However, we make it our practice not 
to check in these files into our repository because they change every 
time they get generated - and because they are generated there's no 
point in checking them in in the first place.  As the type system gets 
bigger it gets more and more annoying to have src/main/java filled with 
directories that are under svn:ignore.  This is particularly true when a 
sub-project imports a type system from a different project and the 
packaging structure of the generated source code is much different than 
from the sub-project's code.  So, I would much rather have the generated 
code put into a different source folder that has only generated code in 
it.  Something like src/generated/java or src/output/java or whatever 
the convention is.  My question is whether or not there is a convention 
and if so could someone point me to a project that does something like this?


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