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From Diman Karagiozov <di...@tetracom.com>
Subject UIMA AS - CAS consumer patterns
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 06:44:11 GMT
Hi there,

I am working on a project that utilizes UIMA Async Scale-out capabilities.

There are two client applications that send messages in an "input.queue" 
and several UIMA aggregate engines that fetch messages from this input 
queue. What I want to achieve is to send the annotated serialized CAS to 
an "output.queue" depending on the client application that sent the 
initial message. In other words - if the message comes from "client A", 
after processing send it to "output.queue.A"; if it comes from "client 
B", send it "output.queue.B".

This is how I am sending the message to an UIMA worker:

             final UimaAsynchronousEngine client = ...;

             final CAS cas = client.getCAS();

             cas.setDocumentLanguage( lang );
StringUtils.stripNonValidXMLCharacters( text ) );

             final String id = client.sendCAS( cas );

Somehow, I have to set the client ID but I do not want to add it in the 
CAS as annotation. Is there another way to add such information that is 
later available in the process methods of the primitive engines? If this 
is possible I can create a new primitive engine (Finalizer) that reads 
the client ID and implements the messaging router functionality.

Are there other pasterns that are more suitable for implementing the 
above-described scenario?


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