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From lokesh chanana <lokesh.chan...@orkash.com>
Subject Data read problem in UIMA-AS
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 10:12:45 GMT

I am deploying UIMA-AS for testing perpose by now.

My configurations includes

!. Broker on one system <say Broker>
2. Service on one system <say Service>
3. Client on one system <say client>

My configuration
=> my deployment descriptor calls the flowControlAggregate.
=> Flow control defines 3 delegates
     1. collection Reader that reads data from 
     2. my core analysis Engine that process the data
     3. XmiWriterCasConsumer.xml class to generete output.

i deployed them as
<On Broker> startBroker.sh

<On Service> deployAsyncService.sh /Path/to/deployment/descriptor.xml 
-brokerURL tcp://<BROKER>:61616

<on client> runRemoteAsyncAE.sh tcp://<BROKER>:61616 MeetingFinderQueue 
-c /Path/to/collectin/reader.xml -o result.xmi

NOW the problems i m concerned about are...

If I don't define collection_Reader then i get no error but it says only 
one file is processed. (I knw that it is due to fact that client send an 
empty CAS). this means that client is sending the data in form of CAS. 
if so then y a cas collector if compulsaryin my 
flowControlAggregator???i tried emoving it but the service didn't started.

     I found one answer to this that CAS at client is just sending the 
reference for CAS at SERVICE.
     To test this i deleted the whole data at 
     Unexpectedly my processing time got reduced to some 20 sec. (which 
was earlier 3200 sec. for 500 documents).

     now i have two cases
case 1: when the data at client and service is same.
 > processing is too slow.
 > xmi file ganerated are of shoter length
 > the XMI files are different then those created by the basic UIMA 
 > processing at SERVICE is too high
 > neglegible processing at client.

case 2: when the data there is no data at SERVICE end
 > Processing is fast
 > XMI are same as those creaed by local uima.
 > no much proocessiong either on client or SERVICE end.

Now as things are not as i expected I am sure i m somewhere wrong 
conceptually. As i am quite new to UIMA-As any help is apprecable.


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