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From LinTong <pcu84...@gmail.com>
Subject Fail to deploy service in UIMA AS
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 11:29:59 GMT
Hello Everybody

I tried to deploy a UIMA aggregate AE which includes "Hidden Markov
Model Tagger Annotator" (UIMA sandbox) as a remote service in UIMA-AS.
The deployment always failed and no error message returned. Sometimes
it just said: Service: AE_Name stopped.

I debugged it and found that serviceInitializationSemaphore.acquire()
(SpringContainerDeployer.java) throws en exception
"ResourceInitializationException". And in UIMA.log it says:
08.07.10 13:04:15 - 11:
WARNUNG: org.apache.uima.resource.ResourceInitializationException:
Error initializing "org.apache.uima.resource.impl.DataResource_impl"
from descriptor

What is strange is that I deploy this AAE SUCCESSFULLY in Eclipse on
my desktop, but it failed when using deployAsyncService.cmd. On my
laptop it always failed neither in eclipse and using

For this reason I think the descriptor and java have no problem and
JVM has enough memory space.

Any idea about my problem? Thanks very much for your help !

Best Regards

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