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From Neha Yadav <neha.ya...@orkash.com>
Subject transfer of CAS from one deployed service to other deployed service.
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 04:26:44 GMT
Hi all,
I am facing a problem in deploying my application on distributed 
environment through UIMA-AS.
I am facing a problem.
My application is sequential, and I wish to deploy it independently by 
transferring one's output into another service.. Can anyone help me with 
this problem.Can I transfer the CAS with annotations from one deployed 
service on one system to another deployed service on another system. I 
read a little about CAS Multiplier. Can it be of help?
I am at a vague level of research at this point. Please if anyone could 
suggest me how to proceed further.

Thanks in advance.
Neha Yadav

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