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From Torsten Zesch <ze...@tk.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
Subject Process an aggregate with CAS multiplier and merger
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 09:10:52 GMT

I have a situation in which I want to split a document into several CASes, do some processing,
and then merge the results back into a single result CAS.

I implemented a CAS multiplier and a CAS merger that I put into an aggregate with a FixedFlow,
setting ActionAfterCasMultiplier to "drop" and setting outputsNewCASes to "true" for the aggregate.
This should drop the source CAS and let the merged CAS be output by the aggregate.

Now, if I run that aggregate in an CPE and put the consumer behind the aggregate, 
=> Reader + Aggregate[Multiply-Process-Merge] + Consumer
the consumer only sees the source CAS.

However, if I put the consumer inside the Aggregate,
=> Reader + Aggregate[Multiply-Process-Merge-Consumer]
the output is correct.
This means the mergedCAS is correctly created, but it is not available after the aggregate.

Do I need to always put everything inside one big aggregate, or is there some way to also
run pipelines like 
=> Reader + Process + Aggregate[Multiply-Process-Merge] + Process + Consumer


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