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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: Automatic Generation of class files (JCasGen) from Maven
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 10:34:16 GMT

On 6/29/2010 10:49 PM, Philip Ogren wrote:
> It turns out that the main method of org.apache.uima.tools.jcasgen.Jg
> was, in version 2.2.2, a single line of code which called a method
> called main0.  In version 2.3.0 there are two lines of code - the
> second is a call to System.exit.  

This line was added under https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/UIMA-853
where users were complaining that shell scripts that ran JcasGen didn't
get notified if the run failed.

I wonder if there's a better way to solve this Jira that doesn't have
this other side effect - any ideas?


> This was the source of my problems and explains (sort of) why eclipse
> was actually crashing silently when I updated the dependency on uima
> in my pom.xml file to version 2.3.0.
> My workaround is to simply introduce a local class whose main method
> only has the one line of code and I call that class instead.
> Ramon, thanks again for the pom.xml snippet.  We actually use the
> execution phase "process-resources" or "process-test-resources"
> depending on the scenario and that seems to work fine for us.
> Philip
> On 6/18/2010 2:50 PM, Philip Ogren wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We have been using a snippet for our pom.xml file pretty much exactly
>> like the one below to run JCasGen on our type system descriptor
>> before compilation.  When I switched to 2.3.0 this doesn't work
>> anymore.  For example, when I run "mvn test", JCasGen will generate
>> the files but then maven just exits without an error message and
>> without running the tests.  If I remove this block of xml from the
>> pom, then everything works fine.
>> Any thoughts about how I would go about fixing this?  Or, does anyone
>> have another snippet of xml I could insert into my pom.xml to get the
>> same behavior?
>> Thanks,
>> Philip
>> On 7/6/2009 7:58 AM, Ramon Ziai wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> just as a follow-up to this, I found a solution to this that works for
>>> me. Here's the relevant POM snippet, in the hope that it will be useful
>>> for others:
>>> [...]
>>> <plugin>
>>> <groupId>org.codehaus.mojo</groupId>
>>> <artifactId>exec-maven-plugin</artifactId>
>>> <version>1.1</version>
>>> <executions>
>>> <execution>
>>> <phase>validate</phase>
>>> <goals>
>>> <goal>java</goal>
>>> </goals>
>>> </execution>
>>> </executions>
>>> <configuration>
>>> <mainClass>org.apache.uima.tools.jcasgen.Jg</mainClass>
>>> <arguments>
>>> <argument>-jcasgeninput</argument>
>>> <argument>desc/yourTypeSystem.xml</argument>
>>> <argument>-jcasgenoutput</argument>
>>> <argument>src/main/java</argument>
>>> </arguments>
>>> </configuration>
>>> </plugin>
>>> [...]
>>> This will run JCasGen prior to the compile phase, ensuring that build
>>> dependencies are satisfied. JCasGen is run without the merge
>>> capability,
>>> so manual changes to the generated Java files will be lost.
>>> Best,
>>> Ramon
>>> Александър Л. Димитров schrieb:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I'm currently working on a distributed project involving UIMA. At
>>>> this stage,
>>>> sometimes modifications to the UIMA descriptor files are absolutely
>>>> necessary
>>>> and, unfortunately, this confuses our VCS. Whenever JCasGen is run
>>>> from within
>>>> Eclipse or similar, it updates *all* generated class files, which
>>>> leads the VCS
>>>> to treating them as new commits. The problem here is, when editing the
>>>> descriptors on different branches, while the merging of the
>>>> descriptor files
>>>> goes well most of the time, the merging of the class files fails
>>>> most of the
>>>> time. This leaves the merger with several dozen conflicts.
>>>> The current policy is to then just delete those files and run
>>>> JCasGen on the
>>>> merged branch. Of course, the actual problem here is, that one
>>>> shouldn't really
>>>> track those files in the first place.
>>>> But the matter is slightly more delicate. After checking out the
>>>> project from
>>>> version control, the project should be readily compilable, without
>>>> further
>>>> setup. That's why we're using Maven to fetch all dependencies and
>>>> automate the
>>>> build process. Without having these files in source control, they
>>>> have to be
>>>> generated first.
>>>> So the real question is: is there any way to run a JCasGen from
>>>> within the Maven
>>>> build? Probably a plugin? Of course, one could just spawn a process
>>>> to call
>>>> org.apache.uima.tools.jcasgen.Jg, but I wanted to ask if such a
>>>> thing already
>>>> existed.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Aleks
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