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From feixiang <feixian...@gmail.com>
Subject Improve the performance of multiplier as high as possible in the version 2.2.2 of UIMAAS
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 03:25:31 GMT

  I test my program and find that the multiplier is the bottleneck.I find 
the multiplier's idle time is always 0.So I want to improve the performance
 by speeding up the multiplier. The tutorial says,Only one remote can be a 
remote CAS Multiplier,In version 2.2.2, and that remote can only have one 
instance.I still deploy the multiplier 5 instances in 1 node.The performance 
improves, 2 times faster than 1 instance,not 5 times.What does the result tell
to me? 
  I dont't konw the relationship between CASpool and casMultiplier poolSize. 
The tutorial says,the actual CAS pool size is the value in the deployment 
descriptor, plus the value in custom CM code, minus 1.That assumes there is 1 
instance.What about 5 instances?
  So in the version 2.2.2,how can I improve the performance of multiplier as
 high as possible?Eddie Epstein said,"getEmptyCas() will block until a free CAS
 is available in the CasPool."
  So how can I avoid the "getEmptyCas()" is blocked?If I deloly 5 instances of 
multiplier,How do I assign the size of CASpool and casMultiplier poolSize?
  I am very grateful if you help me.

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