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From feixiang <feixian...@gmail.com>
Subject Also the performance of UIMA AS
Date Tue, 25 May 2010 02:26:10 GMT
   I am very interested in testting the performance of UIMA AS architecture.For 
exemple, I want to find the AE which is the bottleneck of the system.
   Fortunately, UIMA provides us some tools evalute the performance,such as 
jconsole,cpe.They make me know the time spend in AE and how many CASes it 
analyzes,but I can't use it in my code.So Is there some class to record 
the time just like cpe.I want to record the performance of every 1000 CASes 
the AE analyzes. Can you give me an example in AE.Thank you.
   At the same time,I am very confused about the time spend in multiplier.In the 
"next" method of multiplier, I build a new cas and add some annotation in it.I 
test the time spend in "next" in two ways.First in cpe,second in UIMA 
AS.Surprisedly,they are in sharp contrast.The time in UIMA AS are hundreds of 
times longer than the time in cpe.I also test the time spend in multiplier,the 
time in cpe and UIMA AS are high.So why multipler consumes so much time?
   By the way,are there any reports about performance of UIMA AS architecture?
Thank you so much if somebody could help me!

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