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From LinTong <pcu84...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: the performance of UIMA AS
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 08:36:25 GMT

Thanks very much for help!

To Jörn
According to your suggestion I enlarged my sample. Now it has appx.
10000document and 10MB. About overhead I got a strange behavior you
can see at the bottom.

To Eddie
I have read all the document about UIMA AS I can find, including
handbook"UIMA Asynchronous Scaleout", readme and website. And I tried
different performance parameters mentioned in the handbook for tuning.
Unfortunately they do not help. Could you please tell me some other
documents or tutorials I can follow? BTW, my approach is similar as
Fig. 4 on website. I know there might be bottleneck if services are
remote. But it is just a test and I don't know why the performance is
so poor..

To Marshall
About cpu usage.
My cpu has two cores. No matter which approach I use
Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE or
Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_Sync_3Instances), the usage is always 100%.
Then I try to scale it out. The behavior is really strange:

Computer A is local.
runRemoteAsyncAE with Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_RemoteRoomNumber and
collection reader is on A

Computer B is remote.
service Deploy_RoomNumberAnnotator and Broker is on B

Result: The process is running but the performance is even worse than
on same computer. the cpu usage on both A and B are almost empty. Is
it because of network bottleneck?(A and B are connected by LAN)

Another strange thing:
If the broker is on A, service which is on B is able to connect to
broker but the analyse process can not run. It seems client can not
find service.
I know my question is quit long and sounds stupid. But as a newbie, I
am confused by them for several weeks. Thanks so much for all helps
from you.

On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 3:57 PM, Marshall Schor <msa@schor.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here are just a few general observations.
> A generally useful check: while the tests are running, examine the cpu %
> busy on the various machines being used.  If it is not 100%, then look
> for a bottleneck somewhere...
> If you're running on one machine, then the speed ups you get will
> probably only be seen if that machine is a multi-core machine, or
> there's a lot of I/O that the annotators are doing.  In your case, the
> annotators do no I/O - so you would need to be on a multi-core machine.
> Once you scale past the number of cores, there's no further speed up
> possible, I think, for the main pipeline.
> The timing measurements below I believe are wall-clock measures, not
> cpu-time.
> If you do manage to get scaleout, the overall performance in this case
> is probably going to be dictated by the rate at which your collection
> reader can send CASes into the pipeline.  In many of our tests, where
> we're deploying on a network of machines, we find that to load up the
> pipeline, we have to pre-read all the test CASes into memory, ahead of
> time, and then have the driver program send those as fast as it can, in
> order to create a reasonable load.
> HTH.   -Marshall
> On 5/18/2010 7:46 AM, LinTong wrote:
>> Hallo everybody
>> Now I am investigating UIMA AS. I'm very confused by the poor
>> performance of UIMA-AS. I run the example AS descriptor
>> MeetingDetectorTAE. No matter
>> Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_3MeetingAnnotators.xml or
>> Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_Sync_3Instances.xml, there is no speedup at
>> all. Also I tried Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_RemoteRoomNumber.xml and
>> deployed several instances of service RemoteRoomNumber. But still no
>> speedup. My sample includes 450 documents. Actually MeetingDetectorTAE
>> costs appx. 1000ms in CPE. Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE.xml costs 5000ms
>> in UIMA AS while all components are on the same machine. If I run
>> Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_RemoteRoomNumber.xml and service
>> RemoteRoomNumber on different computer, it takes almost 20000ms. I
>> know these is overhead including de/serialisation, but there is no
>> reason that the performance is so poor. Does anybody have idea about
>> my problem? Did I make any stupid mistake?
>> BTW, when I enable the flag named async, system gives the following
>> debug information back. The analysis time and idle time seem quite
>> strange. Does my AE only cost c.a. 280ms?(the collection reader I used
>> costs c.a. 2000ms).
>> INFO: Controller: [Meeting Detector TAE] Delegate <<Meeting Detector
>> TAE>> Stats:
>>        Total Number CASes Processed: 257
>>        Total CAS Deserialization Time: 327,602 ms
>>        Total CAS Serialization Time: 93,601 ms
>>        Total Time Spent In Analysis: 280,802 ms
>>        Max Serialization Time: 15,6 ms
>>        Max Deserialization Time: 15,6 ms
>>        Max Analysis Time: 202,801 ms
>>        Total Idle Time: 1.625,275 ms
>> Completed 451 documents; 593984 characters
>> Time Elapsed : 4808 ms
>> Thank you so much if somebody could help me !

Best Regards

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