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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: the performance of UIMA AS
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 12:21:35 GMT
LinTong wrote:
> Hallo everybody
> Now I am investigating UIMA AS. I'm very confused by the poor
> performance of UIMA-AS. I run the example AS descriptor
> MeetingDetectorTAE. No matter
> Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_3MeetingAnnotators.xml or
> Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_Sync_3Instances.xml, there is no speedup at
> all. Also I tried Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_RemoteRoomNumber.xml and
> deployed several instances of service RemoteRoomNumber. But still no
> speedup. My sample includes 450 documents. Actually MeetingDetectorTAE
> costs appx. 1000ms in CPE. Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE.xml costs 5000ms
> in UIMA AS while all components are on the same machine. If I run
> Deploy_MeetingDetectorTAE_RemoteRoomNumber.xml and service
> RemoteRoomNumber on different computer, it takes almost 20000ms. I
> know these is overhead including de/serialisation, but there is no
> reason that the performance is so poor. Does anybody have idea about
> my problem? Did I make any stupid mistake?

My performance tests showed that UIMA AS scales nicely with
the number of additional services. In our test system each service
runs on a dedicated medium sized server on which it reaches almost
full CPU utilization.
Compared to your tests there I can see two differences, we usually
do load tests with at least a few hundred thousand documents up to a few
millions. Our AEs are much more compute intensive than the
Meeting Detecor or Room Number AE, thats why I never noted the overhead
caused by UIMA AS.


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