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From pierre yahoo <ppuja...@yahoo.fr>
Subject Re: UIMA-AS client is blocking
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2010 15:22:02 GMT
Interestingly enough, I already read this part of the documentation and 
I was releasing the CAS in my first implementation, but it didn't help.....

- If I release the CAS just after calling the sendCAS,  it was not 
actually processing the CAS (or at least the callback listener was never 
called). The blocking situation is occuring... I have the following 
logs  : 
- I tried to release the CAS in the callback listener, the blocking 
situation was the same and I have the following warning  log on release  
"WARNING :org.apache.uima.util.CasPool : releaseCas: The system tried to 
return a common analysis structure to the pool from which it was not 
checked out. "
- I looked at the process method of 
BaseUIMAAsynchronousEngineCommon_impl  and saw the CAS are not released 
there (see below) nor in the implementation of the test callback 
             if(!initialized || !running)
                 if(!(hasNext = collectionReader.hasNext()))
                 cas = getCAS();
             catch(Exception e)
         } while(true);

I am really confused.... Where should I release the CAS ?

Le 31/03/2010 15:52, Jaroslaw Cwiklik a écrit :
> You are not calling cas.release() when you are done with the CAS.
> Per UIMA AS documentation ("4.2 The UimaAsynchronousEngine Interface - CAS
> getCAS()"
> "...CAS getCAS(): Requests a new CAS instance from the CAS pool. This method
> blocks until a free instance of CAS is available in the CAS pool.
> Applications that
> use getCAS() need to call CAS.reset() before reusing the CAS, or
> CAS.release()
> to return it to the Cas pool."
> The release() places a CAS back into the pool so the subsequent call to
> getCAS()
> succeeds. An alternate strategy is to have a single CAS instance in the CAS
> pool
> call getCAS() to get that instance and enter a while loop. When done
> processing
> reply, call cas.reset() and do *not* call getCAS() again.
> JC
> On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 5:41 AM, pierre yahoo<ppujalon@yahoo.fr>  wrote:
>> I'm trying to use UIMA-AS to scale a part of the process of our
>> application.
>> I have successfully deployed our process as asynchronous services but I
>> have tremendous issues with the client.
>> I'm basically looping synchronously(one at a time) on the following code.
>>      CAS cas = uimaEEEngine.getCAS();
>>      JCas jcas;
>>      try {
>>         jcas = cas.getJCas();
>>      } catch (CASException e) {
>>          throw new ResourceProcessException(e);
>>      }
>>      fillCas(jcas);
>>      uimaEEEngine.sendCAS(cas);
>> When I run the application, the client works fine for a while and suddenly
>> gets stuck waiting on cas.getJCas()..
>> I have checked that the asynchronous service have processed all the
>> previous  CAS.  The service is still up and running as I can send requests
>> from an another client.
>> When I tracked down who locks the process, I can see that the semaphore on
>> CasQueueEntry is not released.
>> When I looked further, I noticed that the all process is basically lock
>> when the CasManager_Impl is calling CasPool.getCas(0) . The CasPool is then
>> waiting with no timeout for someone to notify it.
>> I try to change the size of the client CasPool but it didn't really fix the
>> issue. Just pushing further the lock...
>> Does anyone have ever experienced this? Am I doing something wrong ?
>> Pierre

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