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From Rogan Creswick <cresw...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: CasEditor -- Cumbersome UI, or am I just overlooking something?
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 22:06:55 GMT
On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 12:53 AM, Jörn Kottmann <kottmann@gmail.com> wrote:
> Rogan Creswick wrote:
>>   * The Editor can wrap content to fit in a specified width and hide
>> the xml markup, so editing content is more natural, and more like the
>> process of editing a "real" document.  The xcas header / footer tags
>> and existing annotations are of little importance when you need a
>> slightly mutated document, so it would be nice if we didn't need to
>> worry about them when making minor (or major!) changes.
> Not sure what you mean here.

Given a document:

"123456789" with an annotation on the substring "78".

Say I want to make a new document:

"0123456789" with the same annotation on the same substring "78".

It makes sense to modify the existing XCAS file and save it as a new
file, as you would with any document that needed to be a slight
mutation of an existing document.  However, when editing the XCAS
file, the annotation on "78" needs to be modified so that it still
points to the same substring.  Specifically, the start/end locations
need to be incremented by the length of the inserted string.  This
becomes very complicated when there are multiple annotations, multiple
mutations, etc...

I find it hard to believe that the UIMA testers have not encountered
this sort of issue.  Perhaps there are tools that do this, and I am
just not aware of them, or perhaps I'm missing something obvious.

>>   * There are very few visual cues in the Cas  Editor to let you know
>> that the text is not editable.  The margins are slightly different,
>> but even the icon in the tab very closely resembles the icons used for
>> editable documents.  At a minimum, I think a border, or the editor
>> background, should be altered to indicate that the content is fixed.
>> (perhaps a light grey background, just slightly darker than white?)
> Not sure why a different background color can tell the user that
> the text he sees is not editable ?

Surely you've encountered text fields that can't be edited, and
noticed that they don't look the same as text fields that can be
edited.  Generally, the uneditable ones have a different colored

>>> Rogan Creswick wrote:
>>>> For what it's worth, if I run eclipse with nothing but the runtime jar
>>>> in the dropins folder, I don't get a lot of the views (perhaps *none*
>>>> of the views?) for the Cas Editor.
>>> Sure, you need both jars, the runtime jar and the cas editor jar.
>>> Do you get in that case all the cas editor views ?
>> Ah, of course.
>> Doing that, I do get access to the views, but I have to manually open
>> them (as opposed to having them open when I switch to the Cas Editor
>> perspective).  Once opening the views, it seems to work  fine.
>> The perspective name is also displayed in angle brackets:
>> http://imgur.com/3Jhn8.png
> The Cas Editor Perspective should open all the views for you,
> like it looks on the screen shoot. If not I have to look into it.

I had opened the views manually prior to taking the shot.  In any
case, this is not an issue.  I just needed to add some other jars.
(I'm sorry, I don't recall which were necessary--it's been a few

In any case, I'm not planning on using UIMA in the near future -- I'm
switching languages (to Haskell), so I'll be unsubscribing from the
list.  I'd be happy to continue this discussion, if you want, just
email me directly.


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