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From Yosi Mass <YOSIM...@il.ibm.com>
Subject P2P UIMA
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2008 09:53:38 GMT


I would like to suggest a scale-out of UIMA by enabling it to run in a P2P

>From my understanding, the CPE is a 1st generation scaleout, and it can run
a distributed pipeline using vinci/soap but the machines involved in the
pipeline are predefined in the UIMA descriptors.

The 2nd generation scaleout is called UIMA-AS (AS = Asynchronous Scaleout),
and is based on some Java and web standards, such as JMS (Java Messaging
Service).  It is now officially released on Apache UIMA.  This allows users
to selectively choose which parts of their pipeline to run in this mode,
which in turn allows scaling out individual parts of the pipeline, as
needed. Again there is no dynamic discovery of resources after startup.

I would like to suggest a 3rd generation scaleout using a fully
decentralized P2P network. Assume that each peer can publish its
capabilities (namely which annotators it can run) and its current
availability, then we may extend UIMA/UIMA-AS pipeline to discover an
available and capable peer for running an annotator and thus achieve better
load balancing and thus better performance than previous generations.

What people on the list think about this?

Thanks, Yosi

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