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From Aaron Kaplan <Aaron.Kap...@xrce.xerox.com>
Subject Re: Imports with '_pear.xml' in aggregate prevent annotators to work on the right Sofa
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 17:41:56 GMT

(Baptiste's problem and mine are the same--we're working together.)

I tried your first example and I can't even get that to work using the 
pear descriptor and the trunk version of uima-core.  No need to go to 
the second, more complicated version with two annotators and three 
views.  The aggregate descriptor I wrote when following your test case 
instructions is below.  Do you see anything wrong?

I put a breakpoint at the line in PearAnalysisEngineWrapper.java  where 
produceAnalysisEngine() is called.  The breakpoint is reached twice, and 
the argument clonedAdditionalParameters has the following values:

First time:


parameterSettings = Array{}

settingsForGroups = {}

Second time:


parameterSettings = Array{}

settingsForGroups = {}


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<analysisEngineDescription xmlns="http://uima.apache.org/resourceSpecifier">
     <delegateAnalysisEngine key="SofaExampleAnnotator">

Eddie Epstein wrote:
> Hi Baptiste,
> I'm having a problem recreating the problem. Maybe I don't understand the
> scenario correctly. Here's what I did initially to debug the problem:
> 1. create an eclipse workspace with the uimaj-examples project.
> 2. create a second project with just the SofaExampleAnnotator source
> and descriptor.
> 3. Create a pear file with the SofaExampleAnnotator source and descriptor
> 4. create an aggregate descriptor in the new project that wraps either the
>     SofaExampleAnnotator or the pear file, and declares Sofa mapping
>     to map _InitialView into EnglishDocument
> 5. run the aggregate using CVD
> Using the 2.2.2 release, the aggregate wrapping SofaExampleAnnotator works,
> but it fails when wrapping the pear file.
> To fix the pear problem, I imported uimaj-core as a new project in the workspace
> and modified the code (1107 fix). Then, I modified the CVD run configuration to
> include the uimaj-core project in the front. This worked, and continues to work
> for me using the latest uimaj-core from the trunk.

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