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From "Ahmed Abdeen Hamed" <ahmed.elma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ConceptMapper with multiple dictionaries
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 04:22:26 GMT
Hi Michael and everyone. I finally got it to work. The mistake that I made
was mixing the names. I am so glad though that it worked. Thanks again for
your responses and your cooperations. Best wishes,

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 9:53 PM, Michael Tanenblatt <slothrop@park-slope.net>

> I routinely use multiple instances of ConceptMapper, each with its own
> dictionary, in a pipeline without any issues. I think Adam is correct in his
> assessment. I have copied the section of a ConceptMapper AE descriptor that
> deals with the dictionary. Make sure that the name that appears on line 04
> matches that on line 15, and make sure that name is different from the name
> on your second ConceptMapper EA descriptor.
> 01  <resourceManagerConfiguration>
> 02    <externalResources>
> 03      <externalResource>
> 04        <name>DictionaryFileNameONE</name>
> 05        <description>A file containing the dictionary. Modify this URL to
> use a different dictionary.</description>
> 06        <fileResourceSpecifier>
> 07          <fileUrl>file:dict/dict_one.xml</fileUrl>
> 08        </fileResourceSpecifier>
> 09
>  <implementationName>org.apache.uima.conceptMapper.support.dictionaryResource.DictionaryResource_impl</implementationName>
> 10      </externalResource>
> 11    </externalResources>
> 12    <externalResourceBindings>
> 13      <externalResourceBinding>
> 14        <key>DictionaryFile</key>
> 15        <resourceName> DictionaryFileNameONE </resourceName>
> 16      </externalResourceBinding>
> 17    </externalResourceBindings>
> 18  </resourceManagerConfiguration>
> On Jun 19, 2008, at 9:42 PM, Ahmed Abdeen Hamed wrote:
>  I actually tried that suggestion and I had two different DictionaryFile1
>> and DictionaryFile2 for instance. Even better, I created ConceptMapper1
>> and
>> ConceptMapper2 and different type systems for each DictTerm1, DictTerm2.
>> However, it is always only one file that is used. This is why I about to
>> modify the code. My guess is, I need to store two different concepMatter
>> objects one for each dictionary in any form of a data structure such as an
>> ArrayList<ConceptMapper>. In the part where the conceptMapper object is
>> loaded I need to pass those two conceptObjects one at a time. But, I need
>> to
>> know which part of that loads the conceptMapper. Although the library is
>> only a handful of classes, still kinda tricky to follow the flow.
>> Thanks everyone!
>> Ahmed
>> On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 9:15 PM, Adam Lally <alally@alum.rpi.edu> wrote:
>>  On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 3:12 PM, Ahmed Abdeen Hamed
>>> <ahmed.elmasri@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> My apologies that my question wasn't clear enough. I am trying to use
>>>> the
>>>> ConceptMapper example that was posted on the list a couple of days ago.
>>>> However, the example came with one dictionary only. I have a need to
>>> access
>>>> more than one dictionary. So, I created a primitive AE similar to the
>>>> ConceptMapperOffsetTokenizer.xml and I added its entry to the aggregate
>>> AE
>>>> OffsetTokenizerMatcher.xml. However, the only dictionary that get loaded
>>>> when the two primitive ones are listed on the aggregate is the
>>>> dictionary
>>>> listed in the ConceptMapperOffsetTokenizer.xml, not the second
>>>> dictionary
>>>> that I just created. On the other hand, if I list only one of them in
>>>> the
>>>> aggregate AE, the correct dictionary gets loaded.
>>> This is a guess, but make sure that in the <externalResource> element
>>> of the primitive descriptors, you use a different value of the <name>
>>> field for each of your dictionaries.  And then in the
>>> <externalResourceBinding> element of each primitive descriptor, you
>>> bind that primitive AE's resourceDependency to the appropriate
>>> externalResource representing the dictionary that you want it to use.
>>> If you use the same name for more than one externalResource, only one
>>> will be used.  Although I thought there was a warning in the log file
>>> in this case - you may want to check for that.  For this reason, it's
>>> a good idea to use qualified names (like dotted names such as those
>>> used for Java classes) for resources.
>>> -Adam

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