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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: null fsIndexRepository
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 18:14:05 GMT
Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> My annotator's process method begins like this:
>     public void process(JCas jcas) throws 
> AnalysisEngineProcessException {
>         FSIndexRepository repo = jcas.getFSIndexRepository();
> I'm getting a NullPointerException at the line after that, because 
> repo is null.  How can this happen?
> Possibly relevant: the CAS I'm processing was loaded by the CVD from 
> an XMI file.  In the CVD I see an index called 
> blah.blah.blah.MyType_GeneratedIndex, whereas I expected to see an 
> index  called MyTypeIndex that we defined.
I'm a bit out of my area of expertise here, but I saw this in the 
documentation for CVD:

Important: XMI CAS is a serialization format that serializes a CAS 
without type system and index information. It is therefore impossible to 
read in a stand-alone XMI CAS file. XMI CAS files can only be 
interpreted in the context of an existing type system. Consequently, you 
need to load the AE that was used to create the XMI file to be able to 
load it.

Did you first load the Analysis Engine (that has the type system 
specified that matches the type system of the saved XMI CAS), before 
loading the XMI Cas?


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