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From Aaron Kaplan <Aaron.Kap...@xrce.xerox.com>
Subject Problem with PEAR classpath
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 12:32:22 GMT
I have two annotators that share a type system.  Each is packaged in a 
separate pear with its own copy of the type system descriptor and the 
associated JCas classes.  When I build an aggregate annotator using the 
two pear descriptors and run it in the CVD, I get a run-time exception 
in the process() method of the second annotator saying that it can't 
find one of the cover classes.  I have verified that the .class file for 
this class is present in the bin/ subdirectory of the annotator's pear 
installation directory, so it seems like the classpath must not be 
getting set properly.

The following works fine: load the first annotator's pear descriptor in 
the CVD, run the annotator on an input text file, save the result in an 
XMI CAS file; load the second annotator's pear descriptor in the CVD, 
load the XMI CAS file, run the annotator on that.  It's when I combine 
the two annotators into an aggregate and try to run it in one go that I 
have a problem.

Does it sound like I'm doing something wrong?  How can I debug this?

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