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From "Adam Lally" <ala...@alum.rpi.edu>
Subject Re: cpeGui changes not reflected in the gui window
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 18:24:21 GMT
On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Helen Johnson
<helen.linguist@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello uima-users,
> Upon running a uima project (via ant)
> I am getting an error that says one of my CCs (named IPSOutput_CC) cannot be
> found.
> The problem with this error is that that particular CC does not appear my
> CPE.
> I am viewing the CPE by running the cpeGUI.sh script from a bash prompt.
> This CC used to be part of the CPE: but i made some substantial changes to
> the CPE, removing many components
> including this IPSOutput_CC, and saved this new CPE under a new name.
> If i close and reopen the CPE using the cpeGUI.sh script,
> I find that in fact the IPSOutput_CC component is still in place,
> even though i deleted it and it appeared gone from the CPE.
> Perhaps related to this problem is some odd behavior of the CPE viewer gui
> that when I chose File-->Clear All:
> sometimes one or more of the components will not actually clear themselves
> from the gui window.
> If i then save the CPE and reopen it, I find that the components that had
> been asked to "clear"
> are in fact gone from the CPE.
> Has anyone else run into this CPE GUI not updating properly type of problem?


This sounds very similar to some known issues in previous versions of
UIMA.  What version are you running?  If it is the latest, perhaps
some of those bugs still remain.

A workaround might be to edit the CPE descriptor by hand and remove
the entire <casProcessor> element for the component that you want to


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